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Wiping Out Blight in Johnstown, Pa

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A New Strategy for an Old Problem

Welcome to Johnstown Paper Company. Our mission is to leverage the buying power of the local community towards a For-Benefit operation that focuses on underfunded community problems.  We will focus our efforts on Blight elimination.

Want to help our community by buying something you already use?

We sell bathroom tissue, and assorted paper products to individuals and businesses then direct 100% of the profits  towards tearing down blight.

How big is this blight problem?

Johnstown has around 1400 estimated blighted buildings in the city. Each demolition could cost up to $8,000 – $10,000 depending on the size of the building.  The problem is finding the money to tear these houses down that nobody wants to claim.

Buy Our Paper

We sell bathroom tissue, and other everyday assorted paper products to individuals and businesses.

Tear Down Blight

We then direct 100% of the profits   towards tearing down some of the 1000+ blighted buildings.

Create Green Space

Blighted houses are dangerous.  Removing them makes the area safer while creating green space.

How can you help?

Head to our products page and purchase some of our paper products, or sign up for our subscription service (coming soon).  Purchase here online and we’ll have it shipped right to you.  You can feel good in knowing that every time you purchase from us you are helping to tear down blighted structures in Johnstown and creating more green space!

Are you a Business?

We understand that buying for a business has different requirements and needs then what it takes when just buying for a household.  When you buy more you can save more.  Please contact one of our paper specialists today to see how we can help you and your company with their paper needs with our special business pricing.


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